Hercules USP20CB Auto Grip System (AGS) Ukulele Clamp Mount

The HERCULES Ukulele Clamp USP20CB features the Auto Grip System (AGS) yoke and a fully adjustable clamp that allows you to attach the hanger to various instrument stands and desks.


  • The Auto Grip System safely locks the instrument in place. It can accommodate ukuleles of all sizes from soprano to baritone.
  • The fully adjustable clamp can be attached to any tube or desk within the following dimensions:
    15.8 mm – 30 mm (0.62″ – 1.18″) round tube
    18 mm – 25.4 mm (0.7″ – 1″) square tube
    10 mm – 25 mm (0.39″ – 0.98″) thickness


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