Jet City Custom 22H Dual Channel 20W Head

20H was our first-ever product, launched in September of ’09. It was based on the Soldano Atomic 16, which Soldano had discontinued due to high US production cost and dwindling sales. When we launched at $399 though, we shattered our own expectations and moved thousands of them. This lead to the two-channel 22H, the single-channel Joe Perry requested 20HV and the Martin Kidd voiced Custom 22.

The champion amongst all of these was the 22H. Basically the feature set of the SLO100 in a small 20 watt amp, it outsold all our other 20 watt offerings by far, and inspired us to create the new Custom 2.X.


We added an overdrive channel, along with a tube-buffered, serial effects loop to our popular 20H. JCA22H is elegance in design both inside and out, delivering unflinching reliability and everything you’d want in an amp. With full EQ control and separate preamp gain and master volumes, the JCA22H can deliver crunchy cleans all the way through saturated high-gain overdrive.


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