Kyser K800WIPE Lem-Oil Wipes Fretboard Conditioner

Kyser Lem-Oil might just be the best kept secret for luthiers worldwide. Keeping your fretboard from drying out prolongs the life of your instrument, and keeps it looking shiny and new. A smoother fretboard makes for faster, easier playing. The next time you change your strings, treat your fingerboard to a cleaning with Kyser Lem-Oil. We now have a new and improved Kyser Lem-Oil formula that is clear and is made with real lemons.

Kyser Instrument Care Products are now available as convenient, disposable wipes packaged in individually sealed envelopes that won’t leak or dry out. The small 4″x 3″ sealed wipe envelopes are just the right size to fit in guitar cases or gig bags. Each larger resealable envelope is 4.5″ X 7″ and contains 10 sealed wipes. The cloth wipes unfold to 6″x 9″ and contain the perfect amount of liquid to keep instruments looking and sounding great.

Wipe it off. Keep it clean.


  • Kyser Lem-Oil Fretboard Conditioner Disposable Wipes
  • Clean and Condition Fretboards and Bridges
  • 10 Individually Sealed Cloth Wipes
  • 6″x 9″ Unfolded
  • Convenient and Disposable
  • Prolongs the Life of Your Instrument
  • Faster, Easier Playing


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