Quik Lok GS460 Multiple Universal Guitar Stand

The GS-460 Multiple Universal Guitar Stand is designed to hold up to 6 acoustic or 6 electric/bass guitars or a combination of electric and acoustic instruments. Solidly constructed with high-grade steel to ensure a stable base for supporting the heaviest guitars firmly in place. Padded backrest and base are covered with special foam cushioning that provides a soft but safe support for the guitars and protects them from damages. Easily width-adjustable rubberized partitions located on base and guitar neck holders protect guitars from damage. One-piece design for easy and rapid setup in perfect open position without need for tools. Collapsible backrest allows to quickly fold the stand down to a compact, lightweight, space-saving size for easy storage and convenient portability. Equipped with casters (two of which locking casters) for easy mobility. Ideal for use on stage, in studios or at home, but also great for store displays and trade shows. Can be easily expanded to accommodate more guitars by adding the GS460EXT optional expansion kit.


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