Right-On MONTE CARLO RD Guitar Strap-Red

Monte-Carlo strap is pure classic cars, racing, speed, old cars upholstery.
When we created this strap model we had in mind those perforated upholstery of the classic sport cars, the gloves to drive, the big steering wheels and obviously, the fascinating world of the speed cars, we cannot deny that we went through Steve McQueen, The king of Cool, and his indomitable spirit and the smell of burnt tyre … All Monte-Carlo straps, are finished with traditional adjustment system Tri-glide, and it’s body is made with multi-perforated synthetic materials. Smooth edges to which we have applied our house´s “binding”, so soft and pleasant.

Also a soft layer of padding makes you want to make a sofa with them. The strap is 6 cm wide, Vegan, and has two pick pockets. Is aged by hand giving them a unique character and in the inner part the material is always sand color inspired by the upholstery color in the high-end sport cars, and it was not our intention when we designed them but we realized that, you can have 2 straps in 1. You can roll them up and put them in your bag easily. We are very proud of this strap and hope you like it.




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Right-On MONTE CARLO RD Guitar Strap-Red