Right-On! Steady Talisman T-PAISLEY VELVET Blue Guitar Strap

Experimenting with what gave us the idea to use velvet, we found this amazing design with a rich velvet and pailey embossement and we thought about making a strap with this beautiful combination of textures.

Just the Velvet embossement turns something simple in something gorgeous, and much more, if furthermore it is in italian velvet. The color of this Velvet Blue has a lot of shades, the color changes according to the light making this such a cool feature.

This strap is 7cm width, that makes it very confortable. This is also achieved by the padding, 5mm thick high density latex, covered by two layers of lycra to make it more squishy and durable. More softness? The lining is made of microfiber, that allows moisture to dissipate, keeping you and your clothes well.

The surface is made of italian velvet, but the end tabs are made of leahter to make them more strong.



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