WeissKlang V17 Large Diaphram Condenser Microphone

The WeissKlang V17 combines reliable characteristics with an uncompromising sound and is equipped with the newest technology. It’s very versatile and perfect for all demanding applications in professional recording environments.

​The V17 utilizes a discrete semiconductor circuit with superior acoustic qualities, an excellent resolution and the highest sound pressure level transmission.

​With a self-noise of <8 dB-A it’s very low-noise and offers a high dynamic range.

TransHarmonic™ provides both the sonic properties of tubes and the technical properties of transistors (self-noise, dynamic range, resolution).

​The newly developed and patented TransHarmonic™ technology produces subtle and harmonic overtones, which contribute to the great resolution and the musical sound of V17 – and this without the use of tubes.

​The overall tone gets an unmatched three-dimensionality with full low and mid-range frequencies as well as smooth high frequencies.

The new WMK-17 capsule is gold-sputtered, least sensitive at the rear (cardioid) and edge-terminated. The frequency range of 20 – 20.000 Hz allows an optimal recording of extremely low (and high) frequencies.

​The frequency response is flat with a subtle and balanced high-frequency lift from 2 kHz. Therefore the capsule captures even the finest details and works with an excellent impulse response.

​The circuit and the capsule are matched, in order to get the best possible acoustic properties.

Timeless and simple

The low-resonance body of V17 is made of copper and aluminium.
The slightly roughened and powder-coated surface is very resistant and durable. 

The wire mesh headgrille protects the capsule from interferences and plosive sounds.

The included MA-1 shock mount isolates the microphone from physical vibration, floor and stand noise. The low frequency absorption goes up to 18 dB.

Equipped with a soft foam layer the MA-1 provides a stable and fast mounting with adjustable angle.

​The flexible rubber bands offer an ideal isolation and are replaceable.



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